Fighting Insurance Companies

The injured need HELP, especially if they have been injured in a car accident. You shouldn’t have to fight for the treatment you deserve.

But, if you are like most people, you don’t know how to fight an entire insurance company. You see, insurance companies are interested in saving money. If you tell them that they should cover your expenses because you deserve it, they won’t care. If you tell them you need coverage, or you might die, that doesn’t matter to them either. The only words insurance companies respond to are “PROFIT” and “LAWSUIT“. If you threaten to get a lawyer, it isn’t something the insurance company has to worry about, until you actually get one. So, get one.

“Ok, so if I am going to get my medical expenses covered, I am going to need a lawyer. But I can’t afford one!”

Wrong, you can afford one that makes money when you make money. You can’t afford a lawyer that charges $150 per hour to listen to you complain, but you can afford a lawyer that gets you a settlement for the medical expenses and the abuse that the insurance company has put you through.

fight the insurance companies with the right attorneyThe ideal lawyer to call:

– has experience fighting insurance companies

– has worked within an insurance company in the past and is now fighting against them because of the terrible way the insurance companies treat people.

– gets paid when you get paid.

– will listen to you and prepare a solid case for you.

“What can I do now?”

Never stop appealing. Once you have appealed once, do it again, and then again, and then again. It may take multiple submissions before you get what you want.

Tell your doctor to re-write the paper work.

The medical professionals that are treating you can also help you with your claim. Their opinion and words that they say and write can make the difference between a claim being accepted and a claim being denied. Speak with your doctor and the hospital’s office and ask for their help.

Sometimes the words you choose make the difference. Avoid words like “cosmetic” because anything that isn’t medically necessary has a higher chance of being rejected.

The Insurance Companies Perspective

Let’s say that you are in a car crash and you have $20,000 in medical expenses and another $10,000 in lost wages. After filing a claim, the insurance company says they will pay $20,000 and that is their final offer.

The insurance company, if they repeat this process with success 1,000 times, makes an additional 10 million a year. For them, it is simple math. They will only pay if the insured decide to fight them. They have accounts of money set aside for people that are going to take them to court. If you want to get your money, you are going to have to hire a specialized attorney that knows the insurance industry, and in this instance, car insurance.

Stay Positive, Be Persistent

The squeaky wheel get the grease. Keep complaining, filing petitions, and going after the insurance companies in as many ways you know how.

Ask your Department of Health about programs that you qualify for, such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program. ( or call 1-877-KIDS NOW.) Adults may receive services through your state’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Check out the insurance companies that are operating in bad faith. You can file an insurance company complaint as well.

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