Create a Teen/Parent Driving Contract

When Laura Hunt, Henderson car Accident attorney, talks to parents, she often hears, “I’ll talk to my kid about driving when it gets close to that age, maybe on their 15th birthday.” Her response usually is, “You talk to them about sex and drugs now – why not driving? Don’t you want to save their life?”

Car accidents remain the number one killer of teens in the U.S. Some of those tragedies could be prevented by conversations that help promote safe driving habits. They think they are invincible, as you may have thought as well when you were younger.

Create a Teen/Parent Driving Contract

The mere act of creating such a contract and specifying the rules and consequences for breaking them prompts an important dialog between you and your teen and sets the right framework for a responsible attitude towards driving. It also reduces the stress of arguments, should you have to enforce it.

Come up with a Script for Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be a catalyst for dangerous driving – it’s easy to get convinced by a pretty blond you are trying to impress. Create a script that helps your teen combat peer pressure. It could be something as simple as, “I like my car and my life, so no on the speeding part.” And practice your “cool” look to go with that.

Lead by Example

Are you talking on your phone while driving? Are you texting at stoplights? Even if your child is nine, he will grow up to do likewise and won’t believe you when you tell him/her that it’s dangerous. Leading by example in everyday life is the most important way to instill, and continuously promote, safe driving habits.

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