Crash Fatalities In Nevada

For the past several years, car crash fatalities in Nevada have been on a steady decline. Unfortunately, this year is different. For the first time in 4 years the number of fatalities from car crashes is on the rise. This is most likely due to the increase in population, of-age drivers, and the overcrowding of surface streets and freeways that has resulted.

Sometimes car accident fatalities are the fault of the deceased, but often times this is not the case. All too often we hear the horror stories of drunk drivers crossing over medians and killing children, parents, or entire families. When this happens, we all think, “That person deserves to be punished like any other murderer.” But what about the families left behind after these horrible fatalities? Sure, society benefits from the punishment of those at fault, but many times the person or people who die in the car accident had people who depended on them both emotionally and financially.

Picture this: 2 kids ages 6 and 8 are in the back seat while their parents are riding in the front. They get hit head-on by a drunk driver and both parents lose their lives while the children live. What happens to those children; who pays for their clothes, food, school, or college?

This is the exact kind of hypothetical situation that made Laura Hunt realize that these people deserved representation, and not from some cut-rate lawyer. Laura has built her entire career around helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death suits get the money that is meant for them, and that they truly deserve. She quite literally puts other Las Vegas car accident attorneys to shame, and she will be there for you when you need her.

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