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The Las Vegas Sun reported that there was a two-vehicle crash in East Las Vegas at around 11:30 p.m. on July 20, 2010. One vehicle lost control on Hollywood Boulevard and swerved in to the opposing lanes of traffic. The vehicle struck an oncoming vehicle, injuring both passengers. The driver who lost control died from injuries at the hospital, while the injured passengers of the other vehicle were treated and released from the hospital.

When situations like this happen it has become almost mandatory to contact a car accident attorney. It’s difficult to think about amidst the tragedy of a fatal car accident, but that doesn’t change the fact that hospital bills, medication bills, and insurance bills are going to inevitably show up.

The company insuring the driver of the car who swerved in to oncoming traffic will have a responsibility to pay the individuals who were injured in the wreck. As all insurance companies do, they will do whatever they can to pay the injured parties as little as possible.

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