Common Causes of Car Crashes in Las Vegas

Car accidents are a concern no matter where you live or travel, but sometimes certain factors cause car crashes more than others in an area. Here are some of the most common causes of car crashes in Las Vegas according to resent car accident reports in Nevada.

Top Causes of Car Crashes in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fantastic place to visit and live. However, just like other cities around America, car crashes are a major concern. The best way to protect yourself against traffic collisions in certain cities is to know the main causes. Here is a quick look at the major factors that contribute to Las Vegas car crashes. This information may prevent you from needing a car accident lawyer Las Vegas.

DUI Incidents

Maybe it’s due to Las Vegas’ party image, but DUI accidents continue to be a major cause of road collisions in the city, discover here and find similar cases. Officials have attempted to cut down on this by imposing stricter punishments on people who drive while drunk. If you ever get caught drunk driving, it is advisable to get yourself an accomplished ovi defense attorney or dui lawyer to work on your defense.

Although it’s impossible to avoid everyone on the road who is driving under the influence, you can protect yourself by looking for warning signs such as swerving between lanes.

Failure to Yield

People are often in a hurry when they live in Las Vegas. Mix this with the fact that it’s a popular tourist spot, and you get many people driving quickly in an area with which they are unfamiliar. This leads to drivers forgetting some of the basic rules of the road such as yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic. Always be a defensive driver at intersections or in areas where vehicles are supposed to yield.

Rear-End Collisions

This is a common problem all over the United States but especially in Las Vegas. Rear-end crashes are often the result of drivers not paying attention to their surroundings. Maybe they are distracted by their phones or by all of the excitement of being in one of the most entertaining cities in the world. Either way, rear-end collisions are a major cause of concern for people who visit and live in Las Vegas.

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