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Las Vegas Traffic Statistics

Las Vegas remains the most populous city in Clark County, Nevada and features numerous attractions that attract a large influx of visitors. The heavy usage of major roadways by locals and guests alike causes the majority of motor vehicle collisions in the state. Continue reading

Common Causes of Car Crashes in Las Vegas

Car accidents are a concern no matter where you live or travel, but sometimes certain factors cause car crashes more than others in an area. Here are some of the most common causes of car crashes in Las Vegas according to resent car accident reports in Nevada. Continue reading

Las Vegas Traffic Statistics

Las Vegas remains the most populous city in Clark County, Nevada and features numerous attractions that attract a large influx of visitors. The heavy usage of major roadways by locals and guests alike causes the majority of motor vehicle collisions in the state.

Las Vegas Traffic Accident Statistics

By 2013, Las Vegas had a recorded population of 2,027,828 and continues growing. Tourism remains an important local industry. The amount of traffic on I-15, I-215, numerous federal highways and city roadways increases the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents occurring secondary to human error.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Data

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, as of the end of June 2015, there were 5,251 collisions investigated within the city limits. Of these, 3,794 accidents caused injuries. There were 47 fatalities recorded. The collisions resulted in 2,500 arrests for DUI. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority of factors contributing to collisions are preventable and include:

• Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence or fatigued

• Speeding or driving aggressively

• Failure to exercise caution during adverse weather conditions

• Using smartphones or other electronic devices to call, text or obtain navigation information

• Consuming food or beverages while driving

• Brushing hair and applying makeup while driving

• Distractions caused by vehicle occupants

Dangerous Driving Times

Extensive investigations surrounding motor vehicle collisions offer invaluable insight as to the most hazardous times to be on the road. According to the NHTSA, more fatal collisions occur at night due to the many compounding factors that include an increased number of impaired drivers, speeding and a lack of using seat belts. Not surprisingly, the majority of accidents take place on Saturday and Sunday when more people are traveling by vehicle. More accidents occur during the summer months, and August has the highest number of collisions.

According to traffic lawyers, nearly one-third of all fatal accidents involve speeding. While alcohol-related accidents occur day and night, the number of incidents triple when the sun goes down. Of all the fatalities that take place at night, 66 percent of the injury or fatality victims were not wearing seat belts. During daylight hours, this number drops to less than half.

After An Accident

A wide range of injuries and possible fatalities that occur in vehicle accidents leave victims shocked, frightened and stressed. Victims must then deal with the cost of immediate or ongoing medical care, lost income, property damage, emotional and psychological pain. When a collision occurs, it is vital that victims seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer Las Vegas.

Year-To-Date Accident Stats Are A Mixed Bag


When you’re in Las Vegas, pay attention so that you don’t become part of these accident statistics.

Watch Out for These Traffic Accident Statistics in Las Vegas

Whether you live in Las Vegas because of the year round sunshine or are vacationing to enjoy the glitz and glamor, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. You settle into the routines of daily life or are too busy visiting the sites to worry about that rare event known as a car crash. However, the latest statistics from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reveal that traffic accidents are more common than you think and you should always be on your guard.


As of May 2015, Las Vegas suffered a total of 5,047 collisions with 3,627 causing injury. City drivers do better each year with the number of crashes and injuries going down every year since 2013. In 2013, there were 9,815 collisions and 4,516 injury incidents. In 2014, there were 6,585 collisions and 3,724 injury collisions.

From November 2014 to the present, the intersection with the most injury collisions belonged to S Rainbow Blvd at W Hacienda Ave. The remaining four top injury intersections, with nine injury collisions each were S Eastern Ave at E Tropicana Ave, Boulder Highway at E Sun Valley Dr, W Flamingo Rd at S Rainbow Blvd and N Nellis Blvd at Cedar Ave. McKiggan Hebert Lawyers are the best to handle injury cases due to accident


While you can recover from injuries or vehicular damage, you cannot recover from death. The LVPD reports that fatalities are up this year with 43 deaths compared to 36 in 2014 and 46 in 2013. Walking is more dangerous than driving. About 37 percent of the deaths were associated with pedestrian with 28 percent for the driver. Next on the list are motorcyclists with 19 percent of the fatalities, followed by bicyclists at 9 percent and passengers at 7 percent.

Failing to yield the right of way was the biggest cause of fatalities at 28 percent. Ranking second was a mistake by the pedestrian at 26 percent. Next was failing to maintain the lane at 16 percent and speeding at 7 percent. Other factors constituted 16 percent of the deaths.

If you’re involved in a collision, say very little and contact us. As your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, we’ll fight for your rights.

2012 Data for Injuries and Deaths in Large Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailer truck accidents have a higher risk of causing serious injury and death, and this shows with an increase in both numbers in 2012 compared to 2011.

There are many things a trucking company can do to prevent such accidents. Intensive training must be taken by the drivers. There are even random drug tests administered by some trucking companies. Whether your company has a fleet of new or used heavy duty trucks, it is imperative that they are regularly serviced and inspected to avoid mechanical failure on the road. 

Injury and Fatality Data Regarding Large Truck Accidents in 2012

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 104,000 people were injured and 3,921 people were killed in large truck crashes in 2012. Total, there were 333,000 tractor-trailer trucks involved in traffic accidents across the United States. In Nevada, 42 semi-trucks were involved in crashes, accounting for 0.5 percent of the U.S. total. Many of these people might have turned to a truck accident attorney Las Vegas for help seeking compensation.

People Injured

The 104,000 people who were injured in large truck accidents in 2012 grew 18 percent from the 88,000 reported by Kelly White Donofrio LLP in 2011. Among the injuries, 3 percent weren’t in a vehicle, 24 percent were in the trucks and 73 percent were in other vehicles. Compared to the prior year, the percentages of people not in a vehicle and in other vehicles increased by one point each, while the percentage of people in the trucks declined by two points.

People Killed

The 3,921 deaths involved in large truck collisions in 2012 increased 4 percent from the 3,781 reported the year prior, according to the NHTSA. Among these fatalities, 10 percent were not in a vehicle, 18 percent were in the trucks and 73 percent were in other vehicles. Compared to information provided by Law Office of Glenn C. McGovern in 2011, the number of non-occupant deaths declined by 11 percent, while the number of people killed in the trucks increased by 9 percent.

DUI Prevalence and Priors

One cause for some of these semi-truck accident injuries and fatalities was drivers under the influence of alcohol. Of the large truck drivers involved in fatal accidents, 2 percent had blood alcohol concentrations of .08 percent or higher. Among other drivers involved in fatal collisions with the same BAC levels, 22 percent were light truck drivers, 23 percent were passenger car drivers and 27 percent were motorcyclists. Additionally, 0.5 percent of truck drivers involved in fatal crashes had prior DUI convictions, while 8.2 percent had prior license suspensions or revocations and 17.7 percent had prior speeding violations.

Fatality crashes are on the rise-Henderson Accident Attorney Laura Hunt of Hunt Law offices is here to help you!

As if there weren’t already more than enough death on our roads, you may have seen recent reports that fatal crashes are actually on the rise in Nevada.  Perhaps you have seen the aftermaths of such accidents driving on the freeways around Las Vegas. Perhaps you have even lost someone in such accidents that seem so common on Vegas roads.  These are tragedies we don’t like thinking about, but they are also, very sadly, an almost daily occurrence in the state of Nevada.

The feelings of despair, loss, and even anger are very common.  The surviving family members in this situation should rightfully seek that justice is done.  In those emotionally stressful times they will want representation from a lawyer who is not only compassionate of those emotional dynamics, but who also has the experience and expertise to see the process through to a positive end.

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