What To Do After A Car Accident

Keeping a cool head after an accident can be a challenge, especially if you or someone close to you was hurt. Las Vegas accident attorney Laura Hunt offers a few tips to help you take advantage of the first few minutes that sometimes can be vital in the resolution of the case.

– Take photos. If you have a cell phone, there is a good change that it has a camera. If you can, take photos of the scene, the debris, the skid marks, your car and the other cars. If you have injuries, take photos of them too.

– If you can, check for witnesses and ask them for their contact information. These people tend to lurk around and then leave, but their impressions of the accident could be vital if the case went to court.

– Exchange information with the other parties in the accident. Write down their name, phone number, address and insurance information, as well as the make and model of their car and the license plate number.

– If you are hurt, make sure to tell the doctors about your symptoms and whether you’ve had them before the accident. Let them evaluate if the symptoms are related to the trauma sustained in the accident, and record that information.

A former insurance industry professional, Henderson accident attorney Laura Hunt has first-hand knowledge of the industry. She decided to switch to the clients’ side to protect their rights in personal injury cases as well as help the families of those who have been victims of a wrongful death circumstance. As a premier Las Vegas accident attorney, she understands the needs of her clients and makes sure that their best interests are protected.

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