Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas

When I Negotiate, Insurance Companies Listen.

Negotiation must be done in a constructive way to work. Negotiations are between two or more parties trying to reach an agreement that is mutually or beneficial to one side. Negotiating can be very tricky and this is why mediators are often involved. A mediators job is to look for all sides of the story and then help the parties to make a decision based on the facts and feelings of the parties.

auto accident attorney las vegas

auto accident attorney las vegas

Many times mediators are hired professionals, but not necessarily just counselors.  Mediators can come in many different forms. One of these forms is a lawyer. Lawyers, especially the reputed ones from, often work as mediators between two parties, they are just usually on the side of one of them. Lawyers work as mediators in child care cases, traffic accident cases, divorce cases and many other cases. They work to come to an agreement between their parties. Sometimes these agreements come from in court and a decision by the judge but many times the decisions are settled out of court.

Less than 5% of all court cases ever make it to court. That is why lawyers have to be so good at negotiating. One lawyer who is a top negotiator is Laura Hunt. Laure Hunt is a Henderson accident attorney that has been negotiating and fighting for her clients for more than 15 years. “When I negotiate, insurance companies listen”. If you have been involved in an type of accident, auto accident lawyer Las Vegas Laura Hunt can help you get full compensation. It is very difficult to negotiate with insurance companies and others yourself and get the results you want.

Get the results you want and the most out of your accident. Call auto accident attorney Las Vegas, Laura Hunt, today to figure out how to work with her and her team to fight insurance companies.