As a practicing attorney for 18 years, Laura Payne® also serve the community by acting as an Arbitrator and Judge Pro Tem. She handles private, binding arbitrations, as well as serving as a court appointed arbitrator. With equal experience as an insurance defense attorney and a plaintiff’s attorney, she is well-equipped to serve as an arbitrator, mediator and short trial judge. Laura’s experience gives her an equitable approach to both sides.

Her diverse background and many years as an arbitrator and short trial judge has allowed her to conduct hundreds of successful arbitrations. Laura firmly believes that being evenhanded, respectful and courteous helps establish a rapport with counsel and parties. It is her mission to move matters forward, but also to respect the wishes and agreements of counsel. Using her extensive and varied experience helps the parties better assess their positions and consider different options during arbitration and mediation.

Her mission is always to approach all arbitrations and mediations with a goal to bring closure to the parties. It is important during arbitration and mediation to allow the parties to be heard and to understand the process. As an arbitrator she uses her adjudicative experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to review the facts and render a timely, well-reasoned, fact-based and law-based decision. When appointed or agreed-upon as an arbitrator or mediator, Laura takes this role very seriously and believes that clients and attorneys deserve her skilled attention to detail. She strives to render decisions that are based on the entirety of the law and evidence before her.

She approachs every arbitration and mediation with a sense to bring closure to the parties and final resolution whenever possible. She has a long time staff who also is very skilled in scheduling matters. Laura Payne® welcomes inquiries as a private mediator and arbitrator for any matters counsel are seeking assistance. Please don’t hesitate to call her office if you’re looking for an experienced arbitrator or mediator to hear your case.