A Helpful Guide to Handling your Insurance Company after a Las Vegas Auto Accident

las vegas car crashThe unthinkable has happened. You’ve been in an automobile accident. Now what happens? The first steps are fairly simple. Move your car out of the way (if possible), see if anyone has been injured, call 911, snap a few pictures, and exchange contact information with anyone who saw what happened. Eventually calling your insurance company makes that list.

The question is: what happens when your insurance company calls you?

How to Deal with the Insurance Company

Even if you have gone through the motion of hiring an  accident attorney Vukelja & dePaula, you are still going to have to exchange words with the insurance company. At some point in time, you will need to give a formal statement about what happened. Giving the wrong kind of statement can end up hurting your chances of getting any financial compensation.

When you talk to the insurance company for the first time, they are going to collect personal information. They are going to ask you a few questions:

  • Where is your car right now?
  • Did your car get damaged?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • Did anyone get injured?

Each of these questions need to be answered to the best of your ability. You need to make sure you are supplying the insurance company with honest answers. Eventually, someone will find out if you lie about how the accident happened.

Your insurance company is going to want to know where your vehicle is because if it was damaged and it is at a tow yard, they are going to want to move it. They want to move it to one of their body shops. This will make the repair bill that they have to pay cheaper.

That is Not the Battle You Want to Fight

If the insurance company wants to more your car or tow your car to a certain auto shop, just let them do it. This means that chances are pretty good that they are going to foot the bill.

You have the right to tell them not to record your statements given on the phone. They are required to ask you if they can record. You do have the right to say no. It is a good idea to talk to the Las Vegas auto accident attorney that you have hired before you may any sort of agreements with or statements to your insurance company. Your attorney would be more than happy to speak to your insurance company for you.