Nevada Hosted an Alternative to Distracted Driving Tickets

It’s no secret that distracted driving has become an issue. Car accident lawyers have seen a rise in these types of cases due to texting, talking on the phone and other distractions, while driving. Many cities and states have started issuing tickets for distracted driving and they have started cracking down quite a bit. However, […]

Distracted Driving-Related Car Accidents Won’t Stop Unless There’s a Cultural Shift

You may find it shocking to learn that in a survey by State Farm, 57% of drivers admitted to talking on a hand-held cell phone while driving. 77% of drivers aged 18-29 admitted to the same offense. As far as texting goes, amongst drivers aged 18-29, 69% admitted to texting while driving. Of the general population, […]

A controversial crackdown on distracted driving

When you’re in a car accident it’s expected that you’ll give the police your driver’s license and insurance information, but if a new bill proposed in New Jersey passes, you could be asked to give them something else as well: your cell phone. The reasoning behind this legislation? To help police determine if distracted driving […]

Accident Awareness: Free Distracted Driving Online Courses

Nine people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured each day in crashes that involve distracted drivers. In support of April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Vivid Learning Systems is offering complimentary use of their Driver Safety eLearning course. Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility as soon as they get behind the wheel. This online […]

Distracted Driving Can Hurt, Trust Henderson Accident Attorney Laura Hunt to Help

There are many ways to prevent car accidents. The leading causes of car accidents are all things that could be prevented. The problem is people choose to make bad decisions which can lead to personal and emotion injury. There are three main causes of auto accidents which would be easily avoided. The top leading cause […]

holiday accidents

Holiday Accidents and Driving

Holidays in Las Vegas are some of the best times around. Holiday parties, festivals, and other activities are in full swing around the Las Vegas valley. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the atmosphere of the season. It’s a time to reconnect with family and friends, indulge in some fabulous food and drinks, or […]

Head-in-the-Clouds Driving More Responsible For Car Crashes Than Cell Phones?

The latest studies showing what driving behaviors are most dangerous and end up leading to the highest number of fatalities surprisingly blames daydreaming as five times more apt to be responsible for fatal accidents as talking or texting on a cell phone. Erie Insurance Group recently released a study that concluded that from 2010-2011, approximately […]

Safety in Mind: Teen Driving Tips

The crash rate per mile driven is twice as high for 16-year-olds as it is for 18 year olds and higher. This is an alarming number and shows us that unfortunately. a teen driver is highly susceptible to car accidents as a result of various factors. Inexperience, distractions, and lack of focus are the three […]