What to Do After a Minor Accident in Southern Nevada

The response protocols for accidents in different parts of Southern Nevada can vary. This makes it important for commuters and travelers to be aware if they are involved in a minor accident.

Should You Call Authorities About Your Accident in Southern Nevada?

Because the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department does not routinely respond to minor accidents, motorists must be well versed in the appropriate steps for documenting an incident. If there are damages to a vehicle involved in a fender bender or other minor incident, there could be challenges with insurance coverage. Even the most careful driver could deal with raised rates and other consequences due to a lack of evidence or dishonest actions on the part of another driver. In some minor accident cases, authorities might still be needed at the scene.

Location of the Accident

An accident that occurs in the city limits of Las Vegas is typically subject to Metro’s guidelines. However, an incident on a highway is under the jurisdiction of Nevada Highway Patrol, meaning that authorities should be contacted even for a fender bender. It is also important to realize that incidents outside of Metro’s jurisdiction include North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Pahrump. Those who experience accidents in these areas must still contact authorities.

Situations that Warrant Calling Authorities Regardless of Location

LVMPD will still respond to minor accidents in certain situations. If there are injuries, officers should be contacted. If the other driver won’t cooperate in the exchange of information or doesn’t have insurance and registration documents, contact authorities to respond to the scene. If there are no injuries but one of the cars cannot be driven, officers may be needed to help.

Obtaining Legal Help

Metro’s website notes that insurance companies do not require an accident report to handle a claim. However, legal help may be important if an insurer is resistant to covering an incident. A Las Vegas auto accident attorney may be needed to ensure that the process moves along. An attorney may also be helpful with personal injury litigation if an individual suffered injuries that did not manifest at the time of an accident.