What Judges Consider in Personal Injury Case Awards

A car accident victim can receive several types of compensation for the injury. Compensatory and punitive damages may be worth thousands.

How Much Can Someone Win in a Personal Injury Case?

Many automobile accident victims wonder how much of a settlement they can obtain if they visit a reliable car accident lawyer Las Vegas firm. A personal injury settlement has quite a few variables, and a victim would have to schedule a consolation to get a clear picture of the win potential and the settlement potential. The following are aspects of the automobile accident that the personal injury attorney and the judge will consider before the victim receives compensation from the offending party:

Percentage of Fault

The first aspect of the injury that the judge will consider is the percentage of fault. A personal injury attorney will most likely consider the fault of both parties during the consultation. A victim who is partially responsible for an accident will not receive full compensation for the injury. The person may receive compensation, but it will be reduced by the percentage of fault in the case. For example, one can use a two-car accident. Car A may have run into car B because the driver was not wearing his prescribed glasses. However, Car B’s driver may have been applying lipstick while driving. Car B’s driver may be 40 percent responsible for the injury. The driver of car B may be the one who files a personal injury claim. A judge may award the plaintiff with a settlement, but it will be reduced by 40 percent.

The Actual Cost of Damages

One of the duties of a reliable personal injury attorney is adding the costs of the damages. The settlement figure will mostly consist of the cost of the combined damages. The settlement will include funds lost on hospital bills, medications, physical therapies, lost work wages, auto repairs, household bill and the like. The victim will need to have the documentation to prove the losses.

The Extent of the Neglect

Finally, the judge will consider the extent of the neglect in the case. The victim may receive one or two types of compensation. Compensatory damages are the ones that were previously stated. Punitive damages are additional payments that an extremely neglectful party will have to pay. Persons who show little regard for the well-being of other people are likely to pay punitive damages. An example of such a person is a person who drives a car with a BAC that is well over the legal limit. Each personal injury case varies, and the victim will need a legal professional to clarify.