Weird Driving Laws: The West Coast

Laws and regulations are made to keep people safe, but these laws just seem ridiculous.

Driving laws in Glendale, California, make it illegal to jump from a car when it is going 65 mph.guy standing on car

photo credit:  williampsallee

Did you know it is illegal to spill a margarita on any street in Hermosa Beach, California?

As you may have read in a previous post about unusual driving laws, it is illegal to drive on the sidewalks in North Carolina.  That is not the case in Oregon; it is, however, against the law to not yield to pedestrians when driving on the sidewalks.pedestrian crossing sign

photo credit:  Zombie37

In Washington, any individual driving a motor vehicle is required by law to stop at the city limits and call the chief of police if he or she is entering a town with criminal intentions.

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