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Pick From The Best Henderson Car Accident Attorneys

With today’s generation, it’s difficult to get people to “power off” and “disconnect” from all forms of technology and social media binding them to their phones.  From responding to a friend’s text, a co-worker’s email, Mom’s phone call, your roommate’s Facebook post, or your best friend’s tweet, it’s so easy for avid social media users to distract themselves while driving.  Averting your eyes to and from the road onto your cell phone may seem like a brilliant strategy, but all it takes is one split second looking at your screen before you find yourself in a car accident.

henderson car accident attorney

If you find yourself involved in an auto accident where someone forgot to “power off,” you need to find yourself the best attorney in the area to help win your legal case, and Laura Hunt is just the person.  Considered one of the top Henderson car accident attorneys, Laura helps Nevada residents dig themselves out of all the stress involved with lawsuits and won’t cease working until the case is settled and won.  Cell phone and music device use are top reasons for car and pedestrian accidents among the youth, and Laura has seen it all, making her the best person to go to when you find yourself involved in a similar case.  Laura has over 16 years of legal experience and has worked as an insurance defense attorney, meaning she can handle any problem insurance companies try to bring about. Laura has helped thousands of Nevada residents win their legal cases and recover millions of dollars owed in settlements for personal injury.  It is no doubt Laura Hunt is the among the best auto accident lawyers Henderson, Nevada residents trust the most.

Lawsuits for auto accidents can become complicated and overwhelming, which is why Laura Hunt works to serve her clients and take the stress away while ensuring a positive result in the case.  Laura’s law firm works with clients trying to settle cases ranging from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycling accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents, boat accidents, and injuries to children.  Laura is also rated among the top wrongful death attorney Henderson residents turn to if this worst case scenario ever arises.

Many car manufacturers are working to develop features that promote and encourage “responsible connectivity” to steer drivers away from using their cell phones while driving, whether they use it for texting and calling purposes or for those that simply cannot disconnect from their social networking.  The question ultimately comes down to, “Was that last wall post, text message, email, phone call, etc. really worth the accident and potential lawsuit?”  Lots of drivers don’t have the answer to that question and find themselves in need of a good attorney.  Laura Hunt works to serve clients wrongfully hurt in such accidents, and has worked her way to become one of the best Henderson auto accidents lawyer in the greater Las Vegas area.  Call Laura today for a free consultation at (702)-450-HUNT.

Wrongful Death Attorney Henderson | Laura Hunt

A wrongful death is commonly defined as the taking of the life of an individual resulting from the willful or negligent act of another person or persons.  If an individual dies because of improper conduct of another person or company, the descendants of the deceased may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for the death.  Wrongful death laws vary from state to state and it is wise to consult an attorney in these situations.  For the wrongful death attorney Henderson trusts, contact attorney Laura Hunt.

The reason wrongful death laws exist is to provide financial support to widows and orphans whose family member’s deaths could have been avoided were it not for improper conduct on someone’s behalf.  It is also an attempt to motivate people to avoid unnecessary injuries to others.  It is important to remember that wrongful death lawsuits are completely separate from criminal charges.  Therefore, if a person is acquitted of murder they can still be sued for wrongful death.

The individuals who are allowed to file the suit and the statue of limitations can vary from state to state.  Like most suits, a wrongful death lawsuit is an intricate process and requires a skilled lawyer to process it correctly and not miss any opportunities.  For this reason, if you are in a situation that you believe falls under this law, be sure to contact the wrongful death attorney Henderson counts on.

It is important to keep in mind that not all lawsuits involve individuals as some can actually involve defective drug and product companies.

Over the years, there have been some pharmaceutical companies that have failed to disclose dangerous side effects of their drugs.  Every drug in the United States needs to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it can be sold to the general public.  Companies can held financially responsible if their drugs result in premature deaths of individuals regardless of previous FDA approval.

Another reason a wrongful death lawsuits may be filed is due to defective products.  Manufacturers have the responsibility to provide safe products to consumers.  These lawsuits can range from faulty tires that can blow out during everyday driving, baby car seats that don’t hold the baby properly during accidents, or even defective medical devices.  A manufacturer can be sued for wrongful deaths if they fail to recognize and report their product’s defects and individuals die from using their product. A wrongful death attorney Las Vegas contact is Laura Hunt.  She will personally review your case and lay out the options for you.

There are various reasons a wrongful death suit can be filed.  If you believe that your family member was the victim of a wrongful death due to improper conduct or defective items, it is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Laura Hunt is the wrongful death attorney Henderson chooses to handle their specific situations.