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5 Things You Wish Your Car Could Do

Americans are getting lazier by the minute.  Good news, though: That means that our cars are getting cooler.  You can get a massage, surf the Internet and stock up a mini-fridge – all from the comfort of your driver’s seat.  Some things are still missing, though.  Here are five things we all wish our cars could do.

car the looks like it is from the 22nd century is admired by onlookers.

Photo by Sonja Stark

1. Cool Your Buns

We have seat warmers for the winter, and they feel absolutely delightful.  What about the scorching summer months when you sit down and the leather leaves third degree burns on your poor little legs?  It hurts for the next week, you do an excessive amount of complaining and nobody’s happy.  Every car needs seat coolers with three temperature settings: “I’m in the 7th Circle”, “I Have a Sweat Mustache” and “It’s Just a Little Stuffy in Here.”

On a similar note, a heating and cooling system for the steering wheel would also be nice.  Gripping with your sleeves works fine…until you actually need to start making driving maneuvers.

2. Talk to You

If you say you don’t talk to yourself while you’re driving, you’re lying.  The “conversation” can range from a quick burst of “I forgot those files!” to a full-on monologue concerning exactly how a thermos is able to keep things both hot AND cold.  (But seriously, how does it do it?)  Point is, it’d be nice if you had someone, or something, to answer you.

3. Go Invisible

We all have to go places where we don’t want to be seen.  Sometimes it’s the third trip through the Del Taco drive-thru on a lonely Friday night, sometimes it’s to slowly creep behind the bad guys because you are out fighting crime. Regardless of your reason, an invisible option on your car would be pretty cool.

4. Door Ding Deflectors

Your car starts to lose its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Never mind the fact that you will probably park next to a horrible human being that has no concept of space (or physics) the day after you purchase your it. Enter: door ding.

I’ve named this hypothetical device “Door Ding Reflectors.”  Every time ANYONE gets close to opening his/her car door into your car door, a tiny person will run out and punch him/her in the shin.  Problem solved.

5. Sonar

Do you live in the northwest where it rains 25/7?  What if there existed a method for measuring the depth of water?  OH WAIT.

Unless your car magically turns into a submarine, you might be better off staying away from the roads.  Use your vehicle’s built-in sonar to determine whether or not you’re down for braving the commute to work.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for these features to be added to cars anytime in the near future. In the time being, if you’re in an accident in your normal, not quite as cool car and you need an auto accident attorney in Henderson, call Hunt Law Offices at (702) 450-4868.

4 Cars That Could Get You Through The Zombie Apocalypse

Whether it’s something that could happen or not, they hype around the zombie apocalypse is a pretty big deal. And with movies like World War Z starring Brad Pitt coming out this year, everybody has zombie fever. Hopefully nobody breaks out into flesh eating mode anytime soon.

If the apocalypse came to fruition, what kind of car would you want to be in to save your life? Here are four vehicles that will give you the best chance of survival if a zombie outbreak were to occur.

1. Police Bus

North Yorkshire Police

Photo by Police_Mad_Liam

With the windows blacked out and security already built in, this option is likely a good way to survive the apocalypse. Just don’t leave the door unlocked cause once they’re in this ride, they aren’t getting out.

2. Armed Transporter

Armored Truck

Photo by MoneyBlogNewz

Not only are these vehicles built to survive just about the same as an apocalypse, there won’t be any chances of someone stealing your ride with bullet proof windows, doors and siding.

3. Humvee

FED - U.S. Army Humvee

Photo by Inventorchris

If you want to ride in real style with all the latest gadgets and zombie apocalypse survival gear, the Humvee is the way to go.

4. Bat mobile

Bat Mobile

Photo by NellCR

If you just want to get out of dodge, then the Bat Mobile is the way to do it. But make sure to plan ahead, just getting your hands on one might be harder than you think.

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Top 5 Cutting Edge Safety Features of the Modern Car

Car accidents have been in existence since the creation of the automobile. Safety and safety technology has steadily but never dramatically improved until the last 10 years. We’re moving toward a new method of approaching car crashes and accident avoidance. According to Russ Rade of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “In the past, safety features have been about protecting people in crashes. Now it’s about preventing crashes.” Here are the top 5 cutting edge safety features of the Modern Car.

#5 Blind Zone Warning
car accident attorney Las Vegas This system uses a series of sensors located in strategic places within the vehicle to alert the driver when another vehicle is approaching and is getting relatively close to the drivers blind zone.




#4 Lane Departure Warning

This impressive feature alerts the driver when the vehicle begins to drift out it’s lane. Some vehicles have adapted this system in order to actually nudge the vehicle back into the lane.

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#3 Adaptive Headlights

Some modern cars feature “Adaptive Headlights” which pivot in accordance with the direction of the front tires. This allows illumination to where the vehicle is going as opposed to the actual heading of the car. This modern system has proven to be effective on dark and curving roads, as the driver is able to see the actual turn before engaging in it.

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#2 Emergency Brake Assist

Applying brakes in an emergency situation can save a drivers life, however, applying sufficient brake power and with enough time may still lead to an accident. The emergency brake assist feature aids in applying the brakes at a rapid rate when it senses the driver is applying the brakes in an emergency situation.

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#1 Collision Warning with Automatic Braking
Multiple vehicle collisions often occur when drivers are unprepared and not focused on the road ahead. The collision warning system uses radar to senses when traffic ahead is slowed or stopped. It alerts the driver and if the driver fails to act, the system automatically apply the need brake force in accordance to the distance from the vehicles ahead.

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These cutting edge safe features aide drivers in accident avoidance and safer driving. Howver, this does not mean your car is accident proof. Las Vegas accident attorney’s see countless accidents that could have been avoided with these amazing technological advances in accident avoidance technology.