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The Top Three Ways to Avoid a Car Crash in Vegas | Auto Accident Injury Las Vegas

Here are the tip three ways to avoid getting into a car crash in Vegas from auto accident injury Las Vegas professionals.

3. The Fast Lane

If you are in the center or right lane, you have more places to go and room to maneuver your car to avoid intoxicated, careless, or distracted drivers. Typically, there is no shoulder on the far left lane. More car accidents happen in the far left lane than any other lane.

2. The Other Car’s Condition

Can they see you passing them?

Can they see you passing them?

If a car is banged up, dirty, and missing a rear headlight chances are that the driver of that vehicle is responsible for the state of the car. Even if the driver purchased the car that way, dirty windows are a clear indicator that the driver can’t see you well. If the driver can’t take the time to wash his/her windows, will they take the time to check their blind spots before turning?

1. Truckers and Blind Spots

Blind spots

Avoid accidents by knowing where truckers' blind spots are.

You know that most cars, and nearly every truck, have significant blind spots in which the driver has no way of seeing you. To avoid serious injury, be aware of drivers’ blind spots on the road.

Getting Into A Wreck

We all know that driving in Vegas is risky. Laura Hunt, Auto Accident Injury Las Vegas Attorney, works with clients that have been injured in a Vegas car accident every day. Following these simple tips and not drinking and driving go a long way in avoiding an unfortunate incident.

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