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Las Vegas Driving Debate: Taxis vs. Uber

On those nights when adult beverages are frequently being consumed and nobody feels comfortable getting behind the wheel of a car, taxis have long been used to safely ship passengers to where they need to go. In Las Vegas, taxis have reigned supreme for years because of their ties to the casinos, but a new ride sharing application could be coming for the cabbie’s crown. Find out more information about Uber and why it has Las Vegas residents and the taxi industry buzzing.

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What is ride sharing?

In the era of smart phones and high tech devices, ride sharing has replaced paid transportation services in a number of cities across the country. Ride sharing allows a customer to secure a one-time ride to anywhere they need to go on short notice, simply by pulling up an application on their smart phones. Complete with cleaner cars, lower fares and the ability to change the music during your ride, more people are ditching the days of waving down cabs for hailing a ride with their iPhones. But the city of Las Vegas recently gave the axe to Uber, disabling the app and forcing people to take taxis.

Legality of ride sharing in Las Vegas

A Nevada court recently ruled that Uber and other ride sharing services could no longer provide rides for Las Vegas visitors and citizens. The court determined that Uber should be held to the same strict guidelines that other transportation services face. With a low level of accountability for their drivers and concerns over what can happen if an accident occurs during a ride, the Las Vegas taxi unions have had serious concerns about ride sharing services in the city. After being told that Uber could no longer operate in Las Vegas, the service’s smart phone application was shut down and unable to be utilized for finding a ride.

But this is far from the end for ride sharing services like Uber. With a vow to continue fighting the local taxi unions, Uber has explained to customers that it will return to Southern Nevada when the legal waters are less murky. It remains to be seen whether or not Uber will make a triumphant return to Las Vegas streets, but with ride sharing services continuing to grow in popularity in cities around the nation, the demand is definitely there for alternatives to traditional taxi cabs.

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