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7 Sure-Fire Reasons to Make You Road Rage

In a perfect world, we are the only ones driving on the road. Just yourself, the wheel, and the breeze blowing by your face. Unfortunately this isn’t a prefect world and we are surrounded by loads of people who seem to do everything except pay attention while they drive.

A lego man with an angry face sits behind the wheel of a toy car

Photo by SG

1: When someone forces you to listen to their music at a stop light

It doesn’t get much more irritating than when you’re quietly jamming to Bob Marley and a carload of teens creeps up with their One Dir-Bieber engulfing the sound waves.

2. The stoplight stare-down

There seems to be an unwritten commandment that everyone else follows: Thou shalt make direct eye contact with thy stoplight neighbor, regardless of consent from both parties. Ensuing awkwardness is inevitable.

3. People who insist that the speed limit is for speedsters

The speed limit exists for a reason. It helps keep traffic flowing at a rate that should at least meet those standards. Driving excessively under the speed limit (especially in the fast lane) can be just as dangerous as driving excessively fast. Obey the speed signs, please.

4. Drivers who cut to the front of the merge line

“Hey, I know how to drive in a big city, and the rest of these people are nice farm folk; they’ll let me in at the front.” No they aren’t, and no they won’t. Merge when you’re supposed to, and we’ll all have a good time together. Otherwise, everyone will collectively wish for your tires to fall apart.

5. The parking spot thief

You’ve stalked them as they walk to their car. You wait restlessly for their car to start and their reverse lights to shine. Blinker engaged, you make the move without hesitation. Out of nowhere, a Smart Car sneaks in front of you and poaches your parking spot. Emotionally paralyzed, you can do nothing but make the drive of shame to the end of the parking lot.

6. Blinker fail

Down is left. Up is right. The automobile blinker is a wondrous, simple-to-use tool that you’d actually have to try to avoid while turning the steering wheel. Not only is it a musical instrument (whose tempo always fails to match up to the blinker beat of the car ahead of you), it lets other drivers know where you’re going. It’s the alternative to driver-to-driver telepathy.

7. When it rains, it pours

It seems that rain, even in the warmest of weather, makes people believe they are driving on a sheet of ice. Please don’t brake 300 feet before an intersection, with anticipation that the light might someday turn red. Drive freely, little birdie; it’s only a little water.

It’s amazing (and rather alarming) that most of us are witness to at least one of these “crimes against the road” on a daily basis. Perhaps all it takes from us is to pay a little more attention to the road, and show a bit more courtesy to our fellow drivers. If one of these road-rage inducing incidents results in an accident, and you need an auto accident lawyer in Henderson, call Hunt Law Offices at (702) 450-4868.