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The Best Car for Passenger Safety

No objective is more important for drivers and passengers than to make the safest choices possible when it comes to their transportation. Some of the most prominent insurance companies from accross the nation were polled and the results are in! Based on injury prevention and medical costs, there is one car that protects its passengers better than the rest.

The GMC Sierra 1500 was evaluated along with other vehicles in the United States and came out as top safety pic. Vehicles that did not do so well in the race were smaller in size, like the Fiat 500 – which placed last in passenger safety.

fiat and passenger safety

Remember, above all, to be safe on the road and protect yourself with common sense and good driving. If you have been involved in a car accident and want a skilled professional on your side, contact Hunt Law Offices at (702) 450-HUNT (4868) for your free consultation.