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Avoiding Accidents: The Weirdest Traffic Laws Around the World

The United States prides itself on campaigns, such as no texting while driving. Lessons of the road were learned the hard way long before the invention of cell phones. If it wasn’t for our early ancestors from all around the world testing the roads, we may have never discovered (and got a laugh from) these long-standing outrageous traffic laws.


(1) Denmark

Since horses were some of the earliest forms of transportation, it’s no surprise that Denmark deeply cares for the physical state of these furry transporters. According to law, if a horse-drawn carriage attempts pass you on the road and becomes anxious, it is your legal responsibility to pull over to let the horse pass.

brown horses

(2) Switzerland

In the US, getting your car stolen may lead to an investigation; oftentimes, the car is fortunately found. In Switzerland, if you make the mistake of leaving your keys in your car and then forgetting to lock the doors, you will not receive any sort of reparation for the crime.

car key and pink keychain

(3) The Philippines

In the Philippines, strict laws prevent the compact bumper-to-bumper scenarios seen daily in the U.S. Based on a given number placed on their license plates, Filipino drivers can only drive on certain days of the week!

(4) South Africa

Wildlife is important in South Africa–so important that all animals have the right of way on the roads.

baby zebra and family

(5) Germany

If you’re in Germany, the inconvenience of running out of gas comes with a hefty fine, since it’s illegal to drive your vehicle on empty.

Strict traffic laws, as absurd as they seem, are enacted for a reason: to keep the roads safe. If you’ve been in an accident and need an experienced car accident attorney, contact us for a free consultation today.