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4 Cars That Could Get You Through The Zombie Apocalypse

Whether it’s something that could happen or not, they hype around the zombie apocalypse is a pretty big deal. And with movies like World War Z starring Brad Pitt coming out this year, everybody has zombie fever. Hopefully nobody breaks out into flesh eating mode anytime soon.

If the apocalypse came to fruition, what kind of car would you want to be in to save your life? Here are four vehicles that will give you the best chance of survival if a zombie outbreak were to occur.

1. Police Bus

North Yorkshire Police

Photo by Police_Mad_Liam

With the windows blacked out and security already built in, this option is likely a good way to survive the apocalypse. Just don’t leave the door unlocked cause once they’re in this ride, they aren’t getting out.

2. Armed Transporter

Armored Truck

Photo by MoneyBlogNewz

Not only are these vehicles built to survive just about the same as an apocalypse, there won’t be any chances of someone stealing your ride with bullet proof windows, doors and siding.

3. Humvee

FED - U.S. Army Humvee

Photo by Inventorchris

If you want to ride in real style with all the latest gadgets and zombie apocalypse survival gear, the Humvee is the way to go.

4. Bat mobile

Bat Mobile

Photo by NellCR

If you just want to get out of dodge, then the Bat Mobile is the way to do it. But make sure to plan ahead, just getting your hands on one might be harder than you think.

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