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How do cops know your drunk before they pull you over? | Auto Accident Lawyers Las Vegas

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides this list, which is used in training officers to detect drunk drivers. Which symptoms are most likely to get you pulled over under suspicion of driving drunk?

Symptom % chance that the driver is drunk

Straddling center or lane marker 65%

Appearing to be drunk 60%

Almost striking object or vehicle 60%

Weaving 60%

Driving on other than designated roadway 55%

Swerving 55%

Slow speed (more than 10 mph below limit) 50%

Stopping (without cause) in traffic lane 50%

Drifting 50%

Following too closely 45%

Tires on center or land marker 45%

Braking erratically 45%

Driving into opposing or crossing traffic 45%

Signaling inconsistent with driving actions 40%

Stopping inappropriately (other than in lane) 35%

Turning abruptly or illegally 35%

Accelerating or decelerating rapidly 30%

Headlights off 30%

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Auto accident lawyers Las Vegas can help you navigate tough situations.

Auto accident lawyers Las Vegas can help you navigate tough situations.

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