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Connected Cars: The Future of Driving?

A completely different way of driving may not be too far into the future, so long as app developers and vehicle manufacturers agree on the right proverbial course. The idea of the “connected car” could do for drivers “what the USB cable did for computers,”  but will it actually better the driving world? Let’s take a look:

Reasons to Connect

Cars used to be vehicles that took drivers from their homes to school, work, malls, on roadtrips, the beach and anywhere else they needed or wanted to go. Nowadays climbing into the driver’s seat is something of a multimedia experience, with vehicles offering features for iPods, DVD players, smartphones and even connections to home, such as turning the air conditioner on before you park in your driveway. Connected cars would expand on these features, including:

  • Self-Diagnosis: Connected cars would be able to diagnose what’s wrong, then alert you to the nearest service station or auto part shop.
  • Proactive Navigation: A connected vehicle could easily keep you away from traffic jams, accidents and anything else that results in slow-downs.
  • Safety: The car becomes a travel partner that tells you to “stay away from that swerving van” or to “steer clear of the bus full of children up ahead.”


Today’s Technology Equals Driver-Centric Solutions

deCarta is a company currently “leading the charge” concerning connected cars. The company has patented software that searches the road as you travel, and provides possibilities within 20 minutes of wherever you are, such as gas stations, rest stops, hotels, restaurants, and any other resources you may need. The company’s CEO, Kim Fennell, hails today’s technology as “driver centric,” with the days of inefficient “old nav” results long gone.

Fennell’s company has enlisted the help of partners, such as Best Driving, to fine-tune in-car interfaces. Best Parking is a company that has garnered over a million downloads for its parking space location app. Its founder, Ben Sann, notes that trying to use a bunch of separate driving-related apps is frustrating and time-consuming, however such apps are much more accessible when everything is “integrated into your dashboard.” For example, your car will know exactly where you’re going and how long it will take to get there.

When Can We Expect This Change?

As exciting as the connected car possibility is for many drivers, it may take a bit longer for the option to happen. Industry standards such as software reliability, data security and safe driver behavior all must be accounted for, with Sann remarking how challenging it is to ensure such standards are given consideration.

Even if it does take awhile for the connected car vision to become reality, the proverbial (and perhaps actual) wheels are turning. Within a few years the connected car is expected to be the “norm,” and it’s simply a matter of which company offers the best version first.

If a decrease in car accidents is on the horizon with the implementation of connected cars, we’re in for a treat. Until then, the streets of Las Vegas remain a dangerous place for drivers and pedestrians alike. if you’re in an accident and you need a car accident attorney, give Hunt Law Offices a call at (702) 450-4868.

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