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Hit and Run Accidents: Are they on the Rise?

Hit and run accidents are all too common. These types of accidents happen at an alarming rate. The problem is, hit and runs are becoming more and more violent.

Each city is different and the amount of hit and runs will vary greatly. In big cities such as Los Angeles up to 50% of all accidents are hit and runs. Since 2009 fatal hit and run accidents have increased quite a bit. In 2009 there were 1,274 fatal hit and runs. Just two years later that number had risen to 1,449, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Due to the nature of this type of accident both victims and the families of victims have a hard time when it comes to being compensated for damages. Fortunately, if the police are able to find the driver of the hit and run vehicle, they can be charged accordingly. In some cases, the driver will come forth and turn themselves in. Either way, this makes the legal process a lot easier for the victims and their families.

hit and run

Why Do Drivers Leave The Scene?

Most people ask, why would a driver leave the scene of a hit and run accident? This happens for a variety of different reasons including:

  • A lack of insurance
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving under the influence

However, one of the most common reason people leave the scene of the accident is fear. When you hit someone it is a very scary thing. Most people panic and just leave.

Leaving the scene is something you should never do. It doesn’t matter if the hit and run took place in a parking lot or on a public highway. Leaving the scene could result in you facing criminal penalties such as, a felony conviction or prison time.

If you become the victim of a hit and run accident, the first thing you should do is call the police. The second call you should make is to a Las Vegas auto accident attorney. An experienced attorney will be able to help you maneuver through the legal process that comes along with a hit and run accident.

What you Should NEVER do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

two cars crashing“I want to go out and get into a car accident today.” These are not words anyone ever says or thinks about. After all, car accidents are scary and they are expensive. Between the medical bills and the repair bills, most people cannot afford to get into an automobile accident.

Due to the fact that an automobile accident is something no one ever wants to happen, most people do not bother thinking about how to prepare for an automobile accident either. More importantly than just hiring a car accident attorney in Las Vegas, you need to know what you shouldn’t do after a car accident as well.

Leave the Scene of the Accident

Easily the biggest mistake an individual can make after being in an accident is leaving the scene of an accident. Even if you are in an accident that does not seem like a big deal, the last thing you should do is drive away. You need to pull over, exchange information, and make sure the other driver is alright. If the other driver seems hostile, stay in your car and call 911.

Decide Not to Call 911

If you end up deciding later that you want to file an insurance claim to get the dent on your car fixed, you are going to regret deciding not to call 911. A police report stating what happened can only be filed if you call the police to the scene.

You make some sort of agreement with the other driver and then later you get a phone call from an insurance company telling a very different story than what actually happened. Calling the police is about protecting yourself.

Getting Emotional

The last thing you want to do is get angry or upset when you get in an accident, especially towards the other driver. Even if you are 100 percent certain the accident was their fault, chances are pretty good they feel bad about it. There is no reason to shout at them.

When you approach the other driver, you only really need to ask them one thing. Are they alright? Yelling at them or telling them it was all their fault is not going to change anything. It certainly is not going to make the accident go away.

You also do not want to fight with the other driver if they are hostile or losing their cool. Just sit in your car and wait for the cops.

What Should You do after an Auto Accident near Henderson, NV?

two cars crashedAfter you get in an accident with another vehicle, you may be inclined to call an auto accident attorney immediately. Even though this isn’t a bad idea, there are other things you should make sure to do after the accident. Here are five steps to help you handle a car accident in Henderson properly.

Call the Police

Before you do anything else, you should always dial 9-1-1 and get the proper authorities on their way. Even if nobody is badly injured, this is a smart thing to do. Make sure you remain on the scene after you call the police, as well.

Once the police arrive, they will help sort things out and they will create a police report. This will give you everything you need for the insurance company and it can provide many details about the accident, such as those involved, where it happened and when it happened.

Get Contact Information

After calling the police, you want to get the contact information from the other driver’s involved and passengers. You may need the passengers as witnesses, so make sure to get names and phone numbers from everybody. Even though the police report may contain this information, you don’t want to rely on it.

Seek Medical Help

If you’ve been injured, make sure you seek medical help as soon as possible. When the EMS arrives, make sure they know you’re injured, so they can treat your injuries properly. Medical records will also play a big part in the process if you file a claim.

Take Pictures, if Possible

If you have a camera or cell phone handy, take as many pictures as you can. Pictures are the best evidence you can have and you want to take pictures of damage, injuries, skid marks, the position of the vehicles and as much of the scene as you can.

Find a Good Accident Attorney

After you’ve dealt with the scene of the accident, it’s time to find a lawyer to help fight for your rights. If you were injured or someone in your car was injured, you need an attorney to help fight for lost wages, punitive damages, medical bills, future medical bills and other damages.

After an accident, you may want to call an attorney immediately. However, make sure you take care of the other steps on this list, as they will help you and your attorney if you decide to file a claim.

How Much You Can Expect a Lawyer to Recover for Your Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you know you might be spending a lot of money to fix the damage. The medical bills add up fast and are often compounded by the loss of income from your recovery time. There is no set way to determine how much money you will be able to recover from an accident–every circumstance is different; but you can approximate an estimate.

The following are often taken into account with a claim and are easily quantifiable

  • Expenses for medical treatment
  • Loss of income
  • Property loss

You should be reimbursed for all medical expenses related to the accident, including physical therapy and future treatments.

With loss of income, consider the value you provide your company and not only your current, but also your future earning capacity in your current field. All income sacrificed should be considered. This includes any amount you might have earned for promotions precluded by your accident.

automobile accident

Photo by Chris Yarzab

The following are also taken into account but are more difficult to calculate

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

Victims in accidents often experience long-term emotional distress from the accident. This may include nightmares, ongoing fear, anxiety, and sleep loss. How much you can claim for emotional distress varies per state. You should determine what your state’s policy is on damages related to emotional distress from your lawyer.

Loss of consortium means that you have lost a close family member in the accident. If it is a close family member or sexual partner, you can often be compensated for the emotional pain of your loss and the loss of their presence in your world. This also varies by state.

To estimate how much you can recover, add all expenses you’ve paid out of pocket or expect to pay and then discuss with your lawyer what you may be compensated for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other factors.

*Disclaimer: All accidents have individual circumstances. Contact us for a free consultation. (702) 450-4868

New Technology Aims to Protect Cyclists from Car Accidents

You’ve probably already heard of “anti collision” systems. Volvo has recently announced that it plans to take this technology to the next level. At the Geneva Motor Show, the company presented its breakthrough anti collision technology that not only senses nearby objects, but also scans for possible threats ahead.

headlight after an accident

The technology utilizes a hi-definition camera and a radar system built into the car’s front grill and rearview mirror that will scan the road ahead and sound an alert if an individual or bicyclist comes into the direct path or close the car. Additionally, the car will automatically apply the brakes if it senses an unavoidable collision.

While this new technology may make roads safer, it doesn’t make them perfect. If you are in need of a car accident lawyer, contact Hunt Law Offices at (702) 450-4868.

3 Tips To Help Avoid Car Accidents

Everyone knows that car accidents happen. And when bad ones happen, they may require help from a lawyer, creating a stressful mess of legal problems. However, driving safely can help road warriors avoid these mishaps altogether. Here are just a few safe driving tips to help you keep safe behind the wheel.


car accidentsphoto credit: pizzodisevo, slowly i will recover via photopin cc


1. Don’t drive in the fast lane
If you drive in the center lane, rather than on the far left or far right, you have more chances of moving away from an accident if something were to happen. Driving in the fast lane makes you more susceptible to accidents.

2. Watch out for those blind spots
Blind spots are a big problem when it comes to driving. Make sure you’re physically turning your body around to check for cars and trucks before merging and making other traffic maneuvers.

3. Judge other drivers
It sounds terrible, but you really want to be aware of the other cars around you. If the car in front of you has a dented bumper, for example, it’s likely that they’ve previously breaked spontaneously and were rear ended – Leave them a little more room…

While life is unpredictable, these tips can help you stack the odds of safe driving in your favor.

Slippery Road Conditions – Las Vegas Accident Attorney

Even in some place like Nevada, crazy and dangerous weather can strike at any time. Many people think of dangerous weather as snow, ice, tornadoes, falling rocks…etc, but did you know that rain is an incredibly hazardous driving condition?

Although Las Vegas does not receive rain as often as other places, it still gets a shower every now and then. Because Las Vegas drivers are not used to this road condition, it can make things even more dangerous. Driving in conditions that you are not comfortable in, or that you are not used to, increases the danger.

When rain falls on the road it starts to create puddles in any cracks and ruts that are there. When these puddles start to add up and your car drives across them, it creates a hydroplane effect. Hydroplaning is when water builds up between the rubber of your tires and the road. This can cause breaking hazards, acceleration hazards, and can cause your car to swerve because of the lack of traction.

Driving in these conditions can be scary, but the accidents that can occur and the aftermath can be devastating. Accidents can be confusing situations, if you are like most people you are unsure of the steps to take to fix things. That’s why it is always a smart idea to call a lawyer, they can help you make the most out of the situation and get everything the medical and emotional compensation that you deserve.

Laura Hunt, Las Vegas accident attorney, has years of experience helping people through the confusion and frustration associated with car accidents in Las Vegas. She can help you get through any kind of traffic accident mess you may find yourself in.

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Henderson Car Accident Attorneys

Henderson Car Accident Attorneys

As many people who are “in the know”  about Henderson, Nevada  will tell you, Henderson is a great place to live.  With favorable tax treatment, large empl0yers such as Levi Strauss, Toyota Financial, Ocean Spray Cranberries and Kaching-kaching, living in Henderson makes perfect economic sense.

Other major employers in the city include Berry Plastics, Ford Motor Credit, Good Humor – Breyers Ice Cream, and Graham Packaging Company.  Because of Henderson’s proximity to Las Vegas (about 7 miles away), the tourism industry also plays a major role in the city’s economy. Many residents of Henderson work in Las Vegas, making the short commute each day.

Car accidents happen on that short commute sometimes however.  That’s why there are Henderson car accident attorneys such as the Law Offices of Laura Hunt to help people who have gotten into accidents.

Henderson car accident attorneys such as Laura Hunt has been helping her clients get the money they deserve for 17 years, and continues to build her reputation as one of the most successful lawyers in the area.  Contact Henderson car accident attorneys such as Laura Hunt today, and put your case in the hands of a caring, trusted expert.

Henderson Car Accident Attorneys

Henderson Car Accident Attorneys

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys On Both Sides

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

When looking for Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys keep in mind that not every lawyer has experience working within an insurance company. For the best results, it only makes sense to speak with Laura. She has worked within the insurance companies and brings that experience to the table for you. After seeing the way the insurance companies treated people, Laura Hunt dedicated herself to fighting for the injured.  Laura Hunt is the lawyer who has worked within both systems and can help you win the money you deserve and get the respect owed to you.

At Hunt Law Offices we have the experience to see your accident from both your side and the insurance’s side. Because of Laura’s unique set of experience she can win you more money and make sure that the insurance company treats you with the respect you deserve.We know how difficult it can feel to get legal help when you are unsure of your case or are being hassled by the insurance companies. We want you to know that your rights are our number one priority and we are here to help.

Hunt Kaw Offices

Hunt Law Offices

Because of the high volume of Las Vegas car accidents, due to binge drinking, careless drivers, and drug abuse you should feel settle your fears once and for all by speaking directly us. Partying in Vegas should be fun and safe. If you’ve been in an accident you need to get the situation resolved as soon as possible. For this very reason, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.

We are a small yet extremely experienced law firm dedicated to meeting the needs of seriously injured people. Don’t feel manipulated by the insurance company or medical bills. We will set an appointment for you to speak directly with Laura whose experience will surely help you navigate this trying time.

Experienced Las Vegas Accident Attorney Knows from Experience

Henderson Accident Attorney

Henderson Accident Attorney

Laura Hunt Law, our experienced law firm, meets the needs of those that have been seriously injured and are feeling the heavy weight of medical bills and/or the insurance company. Having many years of experience representing insurance companies, we have everything it takes, both the knowledge and the track record of success, to diligently pursue your rights.Las Vegas Accident Attorney

Laura Hunt, Henderson Accident Attorney, will speak with you directly during your first consultation. You will be speaking with her personally throughout your case. Neither paralegals, nor secretaries will be running your case. Laura Hunt is driven by helping each client individually and making sure that they are professionally represented.

Las Vegas Accident Attorney, Laura Hunt, used to work for a leading insurance company and learned about the ridiculous profits they were making at the expense of the injured. “I established this law firm to help people deal with insurance companies. If you are injured in an accident or you have a loved one who was killed in an accident, you need someone on your side with experience and knowledge to handle your claim.” Having a knowledgeable expert in the world of insurance makes the difference. Visit our website, Laura looks forward to speaking with you.