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Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

No matter whether you were the person at fault for a car accident or the victim of one, hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you can greatly help you throughout the legal process.

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen every day, but nobody ever believes that it will happen to them until it does. If you find yourself in a car accident and you’ve never been in one before, then you probably don’t have a clue about what to do. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer Las Vegas can assist you in navigating through the post-accident legal process.

Legal Expertise

Perhaps one of the most beneficial services that a car accident lawyer offers you is legal knowledge and advice. Most people don’t have in-depth knowledge of all the laws pertaining to personal injury, compensation and car accidents in general. A car accident lawyer specializes in this field, though, so he or she knows all the ins and outs of the legal system when it comes to accidents. Lawyers know the appropriate channels to take if you were the victim of an uninsured motorist or if you were the uninsured motorist yourself.

Negotiation Skills

Of course, a car accident lawyer is also beneficial for his or her negotiation skills. Negotiation is one of the key services that lawyers provide, and a skilled negotiator knows how to get his or her clients the most favorable settlement. Car accident lawyers can fight aggressively for your rights and use the connections that they have within the legal system to ensure that you receive the best deal possible after your car accident.


With the legal process comes tons of paperwork. Inaccurate paperwork can lead to entire cases being thrown out or having to be amended, making them take more time to settle than they would have otherwise. Filling out legal forms can be complicated, but when you hire the services of a lawyer, all paperwork will be filled out for you. Lawyers and their teams will ensure that everything is accurate and that all motions are filed by their deadlines and according to court procedure, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally making a mistake because you’re unfamiliar with the system.

Protecting Your Interests after a Car Accident

Even though automobile accidents are stressful, it is important to take precautionary steps in the moments after an accident to protect your financial and legal interests.

Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself After an Accident

There are more than 6 million car accidents that occur in the United States annually. The vast majority of these accidents only involve minor property damage, but sadly, one third of all automobile accidents involve personal injury, and 20 percent of automobile accidents lead to fatalities. Because of the stress and emotions involved in an accident, victims may forget to, or even not know how to, protect themselves and their interests after an accident.

What to Do and What to Avoid Doing

One thing you should never do after an accident is drive away from the scene. Driving away from even a minor accident is an infraction of the law. Protect your vehicle by setting up flares, using a flashlight and keeping your flashers on. Even for minor accidents, it is best to contact law enforcement. A police report may be necessary to file a court claim for damage to your vehicle and will be valuable when discussing the situation with your Las Vegas car accident attorney. When the police arrive, give them an accurate report and avoid speculating and guessing on the facts. If you don’t know what happened, be honest and say that. Make sure that the statements from onlookers are also included.

Communicate with Your Insurance Company and Your Lawyer

When you’re involved in a roadway accident, immediately contact your insurance company. Most policies require immediate reporting for full cooperation. Find out what medical benefits are available in connection with your insurance coverage. If you have Medpay, take advantage of it. It is best to seek medical attention immediately after the accident. Keep all documents associated with medical care and expenses, and discuss these with your Las Vegas car accident attorney. Consulting an attorney after an accident and receiving legal advice before giving your insurance company a statement about the accident is the best way to ensure that you are fully compensated for injuries and property damage following an accident.

What you Should NEVER do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

two cars crashing“I want to go out and get into a car accident today.” These are not words anyone ever says or thinks about. After all, car accidents are scary and they are expensive. Between the medical bills and the repair bills, most people cannot afford to get into an automobile accident.

Due to the fact that an automobile accident is something no one ever wants to happen, most people do not bother thinking about how to prepare for an automobile accident either. More importantly than just hiring a car accident attorney in Las Vegas, you need to know what you shouldn’t do after a car accident as well.

Leave the Scene of the Accident

Easily the biggest mistake an individual can make after being in an accident is leaving the scene of an accident. Even if you are in an accident that does not seem like a big deal, the last thing you should do is drive away. You need to pull over, exchange information, and make sure the other driver is alright. If the other driver seems hostile, stay in your car and call 911.

Decide Not to Call 911

If you end up deciding later that you want to file an insurance claim to get the dent on your car fixed, you are going to regret deciding not to call 911. A police report stating what happened can only be filed if you call the police to the scene.

You make some sort of agreement with the other driver and then later you get a phone call from an insurance company telling a very different story than what actually happened. Calling the police is about protecting yourself.

Getting Emotional

The last thing you want to do is get angry or upset when you get in an accident, especially towards the other driver. Even if you are 100 percent certain the accident was their fault, chances are pretty good they feel bad about it. There is no reason to shout at them.

When you approach the other driver, you only really need to ask them one thing. Are they alright? Yelling at them or telling them it was all their fault is not going to change anything. It certainly is not going to make the accident go away.

You also do not want to fight with the other driver if they are hostile or losing their cool. Just sit in your car and wait for the cops.