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4 Powerful Car Safety Ads

If you drive every day, you know how dangerous it can be. In a split second an accident can happen, forcing you to have to pay close attention to the road at all times. But it’s easy to get lulled into complacence behind the wheel. Here are four car safety ads to remind you how important it is to stay safe when driving:

El toilette

This effective ad functions as not only a PSA, but also as a piece of art.
toliet psa

Source: shushanik.hubpages.com via Shushanik on Pinterest

Off with their heads

Buckle up, or you risk this. Seriously.
buckle up

Source: instantphotonews.com via Suzanna on Pinterest

Hang up & drive

Not much more to say than that. Your phone can (and should) wait.
phone car

Source: instantphotonews.com via Suzanna on Pinterest

Backseat slingshot

Nothing like the fear of being projected out of a moving vehicle to get you to use your seat belt.
slingshot ad

Source: 123inspiration.com via IMIDOS on Pinterest

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