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Why traffic delays shouldn’t upset you. | Henderon Accident Attorney

The growing number of traffic accidents and construction delays on the road of Las Vegas and Henderson keep growing. Almost every other day there is a detour, or a wait to get where you are going.  These may seem like annoying problems to you but imagine if you were the one involved in the traffic accident. All these detours and delays mean that yes, you have to wait a little longer to get where you are going, but it also means that every day there are more and more collisions that families are forced to cope with.

Being in a collision is not only scary at the time, but confusing later. Many times there is an investigation, a pointing of fingers and insurance companies that will hassle the drivers. That’s where we come into play. At Hunt Law Offices we are here to help you deal with the confusion after your incident. Henderson accident attorney Laura Hunt has years of experience helping those who have been involved in traffic accidents and the families of those involved.

Before you get angry about your delay, think about the family.

Before you get angry about your delay, think about the family.

Henderson accident attorney Laura Hunt works directly with you to make sure you are compensated in full for your injuries. Don’t let the confusion and struggles in times like these overwhelm you, go to someone you can trust to take care of your problems.

Remember, next time you are stuck in line behind an accident or taking a detour, there could have been a family involved in that incident. A family who now may be scared and confused. A family that needs help. Here at Hunt Law Offices we will provide that help.

How To Avoid Staged Accidents – Advice From Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Criminals are purposefully causing accidents to collect insurance money. Do you know how they do it?

Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas

The side swipe and panic stop are the two most common ways criminals get you to hit them on purpose. The side swipe happens in a high density double left turn lanes. A lot of people who start in the far left lane will end up in the middle left lane as they turn the corner. This is the perfect opportunity for a criminal to have you hit them.

The panic stop is when a criminal intentionally slams on the brakes causing you to ram into them. Criminals target driver who look distracted on a cell phone, or are doing their make-up.  Sometimes, criminals will even disable their brake lights so that it is more likely that you will hit them. Your insurance company would be responsible for paying out the damages.

So what can I do to outsmart the criminals? Laura Hunt, Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas, explains.

–        Leave ample room between you and cars in front of you. Invest in a head set, so you can have both of your hands free and your eyes on the road when on the phone. If you notice that the tail lights of the car in front of you are out, know that this may be intentional and part of a criminal plan to have you rear end the car in front of you.

–        Beware of auto accident lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and tow truck companies that appear at the scene of the accident without you calling them. They may be part of the criminal’s operation.

–        Make sure to get a police report that specifies the damage, even if it is minimal. You don’t want to find out weeks after an accident that the criminal’s claim was for a major dent, as opposed to a scratch.

–        Take photos from different angles and email them to yourself and your insurance agent.

Auto accident attorney Las Vegas, Laura Hunt, helps families and individuals reclaim what they are entitled to and rebuild their life after an accident. Contact her offices at www.thewonlawyer.com.

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“I was trying to get the bee out of my sleeve!” Call auto accident lawyer Las Vegas

“I was driving and trying to get the bee out of my sleeve,” said the driver of the SUV, still holding his cell phone. He had  just slammed into a car with a couple of teenagers in it. Driving in Las Vegas is like driving in a demolition derby where everyone is, at a minimum, a little bit drunk. Mild intoxication aside, still taking cocaine and other hard drugs into account, Sin City isn’t plastered with car accident attorneys’ billboards for no reason. This city has an incredibly high car accident rate and you should have a good lawyer at your disposal.

Laura Hunt, auto accident attorney Las Vegas, can get this guy to pay up.

Laura Hunt, auto accident attorney Las Vegas, can get this guy to pay up.

Laura Hunt, auto accident lawyer Las Vegas, has been helping her clients get the money they deserve for 17 years, and continues to build her reputation as one of the most successful lawyers in the area. She has experience working within the insurance company, so she understands how they think and how to get you the most compensation possible. You want a lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up to the big insurance company and demand a fair amount for your pain and suffering.

Don’t settle for less, call auto accident lawyer Las Vegas, Laura Hunt and schedule a time to meet with her personally. 702-450-4868

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