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If you live in a big city, than chances are you drive somewhere every day.  There are many cities that are trying to rely on public transportation, but the fact is many people find it more convenient to drive themselves around.  Although it is not beneficial to the environment, it is the truth. People are selfish and choose to pollute our environment rather than join the “green” movement.

Well I guess not all of these people are selfish, maybe they have families. I mean think about it, it would be fairly difficult to rely on public transportation to drop your kids off at school, go to work, come back from work, pick your kids up from school, shuttle them and their eight friends to soccer practice, go back make dinner and pick them up once again. I haven’t encountered a bus yet that can do all that.

The point here is that although public transportation is a great thing, many people choose to rely on themselves and their own vehicle for transportation purposes.  In Las Vegas, the number of people who rely on public transportation is extremely low. On the strip there are many taxis that you can find buzzing around and giving people rides, but other than that a call and a 30 minute wait is what you are looking at. And yes, there are many bus stops but you don’t even want to get into the wait involved with those. You know what the large number of bus stops means? The more times you have to stop to pick up more people on your way to where you are going.

Even if you did always rely on public transportation, there is still the risk of accidents. Accidents involving public transportation are extremely complicated and tricky. Each process is different depending on the company and type of transportation, but still tricky nonetheless.  Luckily in Vegas there is an Las Vegas accident attorney who has years of experience in dealing with these problematic situations. Laura Hunt, a Las Vegas accident attorney, specializes in helping those involved in accidents deal with insurance companies and get full compensated.

Whether you are driving yourself or someone else is escorting you when involved in an accident, Laura Hunt can help.

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Laura Hunt
My goal in establishing The Law Offices of Laura Hunt, Esq., is to make sure you are treated with compassion, respect, and dignity. At my firm, your case will not be handed off to paralegals or inexperienced attorneys. I will personally meet with you to discuss your case. Phone appointments and hospital visits are also available for your convenience. I want you to focus on getting well. I will focus on protecting your rights, with a special emphasis on dealing with insurance companies.

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