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Apology means guilt?

Is Saying I’m Sorry an Admission of Guilt?

Imagine this. You’re driving along on Eastern, trying to get to your favorite donut shop. The tunes are playing loudly on the radio and you’re not paying much attention to the road as you sing along. The light ahead of you turns red and the cars stop, but you miss it. You slam on the brakes, unexpectedly. Suddenly, your rear fender finds itself lodged in the front fender of the car behind you. Horrified, you call the police and your personal injury lawyer. Then, you get out of your car and apologize profusely. After all, your mom raised you to be polite and apologize for things. But did you just admit your guilt? And can it cause you legal difficulty if your case goes to court?

Outcomes of Apologies in Court Cases

There’s two possible outcomes when you apologize after an accident. In one case, a sincere apology can lessen a person’s anger, thus making it less likely that they will seek legal action. In the other case, it’s a question of “anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.” By apologizing, they may argue you indicate your liability in the matter and it gives the other party a compelling case against you.

Thirty-six states have recognized the detriment that an apology can cause to a potential defendant and have enacted “Apology Laws”. First applied to medical malpractice, the laws protect anyone who makes a statement of sympathy or benevolent gesture following an accident. As long as the person doesn’t actually admit guilt, such statements are not admissible as evidence. Unfortunately, Nevada is not one of those states, so legal protections for an apology are limited.

So, how do you apologize without admitting guilt?

First, think about if an apology really is important in the situation. It might be your gut reaction, even if you did nothing wrong, but is it necessary? In our example above, there was obviously a lapse in judgment by driving distractedly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should apologize for being in an accident.

Second, if you decide that an apology is worthwhile, don’t admit any fault or place any blame. It’s important to not give any indication that you are liable. You shouldn’t express any opinions or hunches about what caused the accident or how it could have been avoided.

Third, consider finding something different to say, instead of “I’m sorry.” Simply saying “I’m sorry” is relatively ambiguous and can be applied to many different situations, including accidents, funerals, and arguments. Find specific language for the sentiment you are trying to express. In our above example, you might say, “I understand how frustrating this situation is” instead of “I’m sorry I stopped so abruptly.”

Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm, a Ph.D. in persuasive strategies, gave two suggestions on how to show you are sorry: one, acknowledge pain, death, loss, and inconvenience; two, don’t let acknowledgement get confused with responsibility. In short, there are many occasions when apologizing is meaningful, and can even be beneficial, but don’t let anyone mistake saying “I’m sorry” for saying “It’s my fault.”

In general, when you’ve been in an accident, the old adage probably still holds true: “It’s better to say nothing at all.” And if you have been in an accident, please call our office today at 702-450-4868 and we can explain your legal rights and remedies under the law.

A Wrongful Death Attorney Las Vegas Can Trust and Rely On

Accidents happen. There is no way anyone can argue with that statement. Mistakes are made and they have to be dealt with. Accidents involve the well being of others, unfortunately are something else that happens. Mistakes are made, sometimes they are not serious or life threatening, but sometimes they are. Every year there are a number of wrongful death cases that go to courtrooms across the country. Car accidents where neglect or not paying attention caused someone personal damage or even death are sad to see.

henderson accident attorney

Sometimes they are no one’s fault but someone is still left lifeless because of them. It is seen over and over again, a car driving through a neighborhood, children playing in the street and not paying attention, just something like the driver answering a cell phone can lead to them taking their attention away from the road. These kinds of accident happen all the time. It is a sad thing to see and deal with. An inattentive driver cannot only take away someone’s life, but that life could be someone else’s whole world.

If you or someone you know has been involved in this type of accidents, get in touch with a wrongful death attorney Las Vegas can trust. Laura hunt is a trusted name in the field, she has over 16 years of experience dealing with auto accident cases. She is a Henderson accident attorney that will made sure you get what you deserve. Losing a loved one through a wrongful death accident can be hard, but you deserve to get something back for the losses you are going through. Laura Hunt can help you get the money you need to cover the loss and damages emotionally and economically. Laura Hunt is a wrongful death attorney Las Vegas can rely on.


Wrongful Death Attorney Henderson | Laura Hunt

A wrongful death is commonly defined as the taking of the life of an individual resulting from the willful or negligent act of another person or persons.  If an individual dies because of improper conduct of another person or company, the descendants of the deceased may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for the death.  Wrongful death laws vary from state to state and it is wise to consult an attorney in these situations.  For the wrongful death attorney Henderson trusts, contact attorney Laura Hunt.

The reason wrongful death laws exist is to provide financial support to widows and orphans whose family member’s deaths could have been avoided were it not for improper conduct on someone’s behalf.  It is also an attempt to motivate people to avoid unnecessary injuries to others.  It is important to remember that wrongful death lawsuits are completely separate from criminal charges.  Therefore, if a person is acquitted of murder they can still be sued for wrongful death.

The individuals who are allowed to file the suit and the statue of limitations can vary from state to state.  Like most suits, a wrongful death lawsuit is an intricate process and requires a skilled lawyer to process it correctly and not miss any opportunities.  For this reason, if you are in a situation that you believe falls under this law, be sure to contact the wrongful death attorney Henderson counts on.

It is important to keep in mind that not all lawsuits involve individuals as some can actually involve defective drug and product companies.

Over the years, there have been some pharmaceutical companies that have failed to disclose dangerous side effects of their drugs.  Every drug in the United States needs to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it can be sold to the general public.  Companies can held financially responsible if their drugs result in premature deaths of individuals regardless of previous FDA approval.

Another reason a wrongful death lawsuits may be filed is due to defective products.  Manufacturers have the responsibility to provide safe products to consumers.  These lawsuits can range from faulty tires that can blow out during everyday driving, baby car seats that don’t hold the baby properly during accidents, or even defective medical devices.  A manufacturer can be sued for wrongful deaths if they fail to recognize and report their product’s defects and individuals die from using their product. A wrongful death attorney Las Vegas contact is Laura Hunt.  She will personally review your case and lay out the options for you.

There are various reasons a wrongful death suit can be filed.  If you believe that your family member was the victim of a wrongful death due to improper conduct or defective items, it is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Laura Hunt is the wrongful death attorney Henderson chooses to handle their specific situations.

Wrongful Death Attorney Las Vegas

Wrongful death cases are lawsuits which claim that the victim was killed as a result of negligence on the part of the entity being sued and that the victim’s family or survivors are entitled to monetary damages. Through the years, wrongful death cases have captured the public’s attention and sparked endless debate about each situation.

These cases can involve an average Joe, celebrities or even companies whose defective products affected many people. The following are some of the most infamous wrongful death cases the Unites Sates’ courts have ever heard.

1.      The OJ Simpson Trial.

The OJ Simpson trial is by far the most notorious wrongful death lawsuit in recent

years.  Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and an acquaintance, Ronald Goldman, were brutally murdered in 1995 in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. Although he was held financially liable for the deaths, OJ Simpson was eventually acquitted.

The OJ Simpson case was the longest criminal case in United States history and as an extra fun fact, the day OJ Simpson was being chased by the LA police still stands as the day that the most pizzas were ordered in US pizza history.  Nobody wanted to take their eyes off of their TV screens.

2.     Zoloft Lawsuit

In 1998, “Saturday Night Live” actor Phil Harman was shot to death by his wife Brynn.  She then turned the gun around on herself and took he own life.  The crime shook up Phil Hartman’s fans nationwide but the slaying was only the beginning.  Brynn’s brother sued Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (who makes the antidepressant medicine Zoloft), claiming the medicine changed Brynn and eventually drove her to commit the slayings.  In the end, Pfizer reportedly settled with the family for an undisclosed amount.

3.      Ford Motors sued over 1970’s Pinto

In the 1970’s, Ford Motors rolled out the new Pinto which was designed with a rear facing gasoline tank.  Unfortunately, the tank was easily being ruptured by even minor rear-end collisions causing the vehicle to have an explosion. Ford was sued for wrongful deaths and eventually they recalled the Pinto.

Laua Hunt is a wrongful death attorney Las Vegas has trusted for many years.  She will review your case personally and will lay out all of your options.  No physician, professional, average Joe/Jane, or even a big company like the makers of Zoloft are immune to wrongful death lawsuits.  If anybody has improper conduct which leads to the death or deaths of individuals, they too can be held financially liable for their actions.

Laura Hunt is the wrongful death attorney Las Vegas has hired for many years.  If you have suffered the death of a loved one as a result of improper conduct, be sure to contact a wrongful death attorney Las Vegas trusts as soon as possible.  You may be entitled to financial compensation. Laura Hunt is also the wrongful death attorney Henderson chooses.



Wrongful Death Attorneys Las Vegas

When I was 13 years old I had an experience nobody wants to have. I was on vacation with friends 5 hours from my hometown and was woken up early in the morning and told that we had to leave. I had no idea what was going on, but I could tell something was wrong. After spending 5 hours in the car I pulled in to my house and was presented with the news that would change my life forever.

My parents sat me down and told me that my older brother had died in a car accident. They didn’t get in to details at the time, but I later learned that he was the passenger and the driver had been drunk.

This was a whirlwind time for my family and me, obviously. We have family all over the country that needed to make travel plans, we had to make funeral plans, and we had to deal with the hundreds of people that were coming in and out of our house. All of this distracted us from the legal issues that manifest after an incident like this.

We weren’t vindictive whatsoever. We had no interest in suing the family of the driver, because we felt that it was a result of a shared lack of judgment. Because of this, we never thought to contact an attorney. We later learned why this was a mistake, and what we should have done.

When someone is the victim of a wrongful death circumstance such as the situation I just described, if the driver is insured their insurance company has a default amount that they are supposed to pay to the family of the deceased. This isn’t something that they do without provocation, though. In my family’s situation, all that needed to happed was for our lawyer to contact the driver’s insurance company and indicate that we wanted a settlement, and that would have essentially been the end of it. Beyond that, if we had wanted to sue we could have, but either way we would have received a cash settlement of some kind.

My family was lucky enough to be in a financial situation where we didn’t need the money, but many others aren’t so lucky. It’s important to know what steps to take if this situation happens to you, and if you live in Las Vegas, the person to contact is Laura Hunt. She is the number one wrongful death attorney Las Vegas has to offer, and she will always be more than willing to help you if a loved one or family member of yours is the victim of a wrongful death circumstance.

The moral of the story is – the insurance companies are not on your side. If you don’t make some sort of effort to get what’s entitled to you, they are not going to come to you. No one wants to be in the situation my family and I were in, but if it happens to you, be sure to contact a lawyer so that you don’t miss out on what may be rightfully yours.

Las Vegas Accident Attorney Laura Hunt becoming Las Vegas/Henderson’s best choice for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Representation

So, as someone who does work for a personal injury law firm, I find myself wondering where I would go if I was injured in a car accident. It’s something that I don’t particularly like to think about, but I live in Las Vegas, and I feel like I need to buckle up, pray, and drink an energy drink just to take on the freeways every day. Let’s face it – accidents happen, and it’s extremely important to have a Las Vegas accident attorney you can turn to if you’re injured in one.

In Las Vegas there are several big law firms that constantly run commercials on TV, radio, and have billboards all over town. I have friends who have been injured in car wrecks, and they all chose to contact the law firms with the catchy jingles and easy-to-remember phone numbers. They all came back with a similar verdict: horrible service, had a lawyer they’d never heard of, never met the lawyer from the ads, and didn’t get anywhere near the money they should have. This frustrates me, but it also scares me. It made me think even more – if I’m injured in a car wreck, who do I call?

The Law Offices of Laura Hunt is a very unique law firm that serves residents of the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area. Laura worked on the side of the insurance companies for years, and finally decided she was sick of seeing people mistreated and misrepresented. That is why she decided to start anew, switching sides to become a Las Vegas Accident Attorney, and help people fight the insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve when they are injured in an accident.

When you’re injured in a car wreck, it immediately becomes the insurance comapanies goal to pay you as little as possible. Laura Hunt knows this, and she also knows how to stop this from happening. When you are represented by the Law Offices of Laura Hunt, you are actually respresented by Laura herself. You don’t get some cut-rate beginner who has no courtroom experience; you get an expert who not only has years of experience representing personal injury clients, but also has years of experience working for insurance companies. Laura has helped a number of clients in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, and she continues to help new clients every day.

Car Accident Attorneys Henderson and Las Vegas Can Rely On

Laura Hunt law offices are comprised of a team of car accident attorneys Henderson and Las Vegas can rely on to represent you in a manner in which you deserve. The Law Offices of Laura Hunt are dedicated to meeting the needs of those injured, who are scared of the insurance companies and possible outcomes. We make our clients feel comfortable by providing the service needed to reach their settlements. We pride ourselves on offering personal care and consultation rather than reaching for outside services. We will be there with you every step of the way, from the initial accident to the settlement. We will help you get out of outstanding medical bills and hassles with the insurance companies. We are a leading accident attorney in the Valley. We strive to make your life easier at one of your most difficult moments. Laura Hunt personally stated “I established this law firm to help people deal with insurance companies. If you are injured in an accident or you have a loved one who was killed in an accident, you need someone on your side with experience and knowledge to handle your claim.” That’s exactly what Laura Hunt offers. The much desired experience and knowledge of her field. She knows how the insurance companies work and realize that you need someone there for you to fight for the money that is rightfully yours. If you have been involved in an auto accident, dog attack, motorcycle accident, boat accidents, slip and fall accidents or any other type of personal injury, Laura Hunt is here to help you. Not only do we help those who have been personally harmed in an accident, if you have lost a loved one in a serious injury we are also here for you. We provide you support in a moment when we know you are hurting and need help. We also do not accept any form of payment unless a settlement for you or your loved one’s injury is recovered.