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Las Vegas Metro Officers Stress Pedestrian Safety with a Live Demonstration

According to Las Vegas police officers, avoiding fatal crashes with pedestrians is everyone’s responsibility. Larry Hadfield, Metro spokesman officer, says, “It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, because somebody is going to get killed.”

As of Wednesday, Dec. 10, 31 pedestrian-vehicle accidents have occurred in Metro’s jurisdiction this year. Though this number is down from 2013 and even more from the year prior, any death is a serious tragedy and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Auto-Pedestrian Demonstrations

To really drive this home, Metro’s traffic bureau held a live demonstration on pedestrian safety earlier this month. Officers blocked off a portion of street in front of their headquarters so the demonstrations, which were rehearsed prior to articulation, took place in a controlled area.

The first example in the demonstration involved an officer wearing headphones, while other officers tested his hearing as a car whizzed past. As you may be able to guess, the officer was unable to hear the car prior to it reaching him.

Another example involved an officer darting into the street from the sidewalk — the car had to make a hard stop to avoid impact with the officer.

Preventative Measures

Metro reminds drivers to be aware of the road, drive the speed limit so you have time to react to unexpected circumstances, and don’t drink and drive. Metro reminds pedestrians to respect crosswalk parameters and wear reflective clothing if walking at night.

“These roadway tragedies, they don’t just affect those involved,” Lt. David Jacoby said. “Everyone is important in the community. All of us have loved ones, all of us have family members.”

Unfortunately, these sort of occurrences happen more often than you think. 31 auto-pedestrian accidents have happened, but how many nearly added to that count? To remain safe whether you’re behind the wheel or on your feet, always be mindful of your surroundings. If you find yourself in need of a car accident attorney in Las Vegas, call on Laura Hunt.