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How to Escape a Vicious Dog Attack

When attacked by someone’s dog, you need to know how to fight off the hostile animal. These tips will help people minimize the injuries sustained during a sudden dog attack.

Angry Canine: How to Escape a Sudden Dog Attack

For centuries, dogs have provided loyal companionship and protection. Although most dogs are friendly, a moody dog may suddenly lash out at you in an aggressive manner. Here are three tips to help you to survive an unexpected dog attack.

Try to Remain Calm

Although a dog attack can be a very horrifying experience, it is critical that you remain as calm as possible. If the animal senses that you are a threat, it may begin to become even more confrontational. Instead of immediately running away, slowly back away from the aggressive dog. Remember, dogs are natural hunters that love to chase other animals.

Protect Your Body

In the event that the dog tries to jump on you, use a weapon to keep away the animal. Some of the potential weapons include a purse, a stick and pepper spray. Never attempt to fight off an angry dog with by flailing your arms or legs. In the eyes of the dog, your limbs are targets. If the canine bites into your flesh, use your body weight to break its hold.

Avoid Eye Contact

According to an experienced dog bite attorney in Las Vegas, you should try to avoid eye contact with an attacking dog. A stare-down with an aggressive dog could actually escalate the situation. By looking away, you will give the dog a chance to calm down. Hot-tempered dogs can snap at any given moment.