3 Must-Haves to Keep in Your Car for the Next Road Trip

Thinking about your next road trip? Sweet! So, let’s see what you need: a car, wheels, a driver… okay, these things are obvious. But what does the driver need? Good tunes, yes; but man cannot live on tunes alone. Here are three things any serious road-tripper should prepare for the next adventure on the road:

(1) Healthy Snacks

If you’re health-conscious, you don’t want to have to stop at gas stations along the way to load up on junk food. Make sure you plan healthfully. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and granola will keep you full, energized, and satisfied! Bring a cooler and pack healthy salads, and don’t forget the dressing.

packing snacks for a road trip

(2) Games

Traveling with kids? Make sure you pack games, and err on the side of too many rather than too few. Pack at least three. Kids like options! Just like adults…

(3) Car Emergency Kit

Disaster can strike anywhere; and don’t assume that if you break down, a helpful stranger or highway patrolman will be there to save the day. Make your own emergency kit, stick it in the trunk, and drive safe!

vehicle emergency safety kit

In an accident? Visit the Hunt Law Offices website. And leave a comment with your smart road trip ideas. What do you pack just in case?