• Document the damage to the cars by taking photos
  • Document how the accident occurred by taking photos of their location post-accident
  • Document the presence of witnesses by taking photographs of them and getting their names and info
  • Document your injuries by taking photos
  • Document the conditions by taking photos of the scene of the accident.
  • Document the identity of the over driver by taking pictures of them and their vehicle, license, ins. card


Laura Hunt Attorney

Of course you hope it never happens, but if you are involved in a car accident–do you know what to do? The immediate aftermath of an accident can be confusing, and our memories are notoriously faulty!
That’s why it’s so important that you keep your focus and protect yourself and your best interests during this chaotic time. Photographing the scene comprehensively in the moments after a wreck is a vital way to do just that.

Photos document damage and injuries in an irrefutable way–they can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful insurance claim so make sure to take your time (and lots of images).

Knowing what to capture is important. Here are a few tips for you to follow!

Property damage: This is your best chance to capture internal and external damage to all vehicles, objects and buildings as well as damage to the roadways or signs. Once everyone leaves the scene, you won’t be able to prove how much (or little) damage was actually done. Take multiple pictures from many angles! When you think you’ve taken enough, take a few more. Make sure you also capture pictures of any skid marks or debris.

Injuries: Take these photos as soon as it is safe to do so, preferably right after the crash. It’s important to remember that some injuries, like bruises, will not be immediately apparent. Make sure you document them as the days go by.

Traffic signs: This is often overlooked and very important! It can be essential to determining how an accident happened. Is a road sign partially obscured by shrubbery or is it in disrepair or falling down? It might be fixed later, so it’s vital that you chronicle the conditions as they were at the time of the accident.

People at the scene: Make sure you get pictures of all witnesses, police officers, other drivers and passengers and their contact information. You won’t be thinking clearly at the time of the accident, so it’s important that you capture their information with your camera or phone. You or your attorney may need to contact them at a later time.

Beyond that, also get pictures of the make, model and license plate number of all other vehicles. Make sure you get images of the driver’s license, insurance and registration information of the other parties as well. Ask them for their business card and take an image of that too if possible.

Surroundings: Pictures of the damage are key, but context is equally important. Take photos of any businesses in the area. They may have video surveillance cameras that captured the accident and you or your attorney may want to review it.

Don’t forget to activate the time/date stamp on your camera! If you’re using your smartphone these are automatically stored in each photo’s metadata.

Accidents are stressful, and it’s hard to know exactly what you should or shouldn’t do. Use these simple photography guidelines to make sure you have covered all bases before you leave the scene of a crash.

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