“I was trying to get the bee out of my sleeve!” Call auto accident lawyer Las Vegas

“I was driving and trying to get the bee out of my sleeve,” said the driver of the SUV, still holding his cell phone. He had  just slammed into a car with a couple of teenagers in it. Driving in Las Vegas is like driving in a demolition derby where everyone is, at a minimum, a little bit drunk. Mild intoxication aside, still taking cocaine and other hard drugs into account, Sin City isn’t plastered with car accident attorneys’ billboards for no reason. This city has an incredibly high car accident rate and you should have a good lawyer at your disposal.

Laura Hunt, auto accident attorney Las Vegas, can get this guy to pay up.

Laura Hunt, auto accident attorney Las Vegas, can get this guy to pay up.

Laura Hunt, auto accident lawyer Las Vegas, has been helping her clients get the money they deserve for 17 years, and continues to build her reputation as one of the most successful lawyers in the area. She has experience working within the insurance company, so she understands how they think and how to get you the most compensation possible. You want a lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up to the big insurance company and demand a fair amount for your pain and suffering.

Don’t settle for less, call auto accident lawyer Las Vegas, Laura Hunt and schedule a time to meet with her personally. 702-450-4868

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Laura Hunt

My goal in establishing The Law Offices of Laura Hunt, Esq., is to make sure you are treated with compassion, respect, and dignity. At my firm, your case will not be handed off to paralegals or inexperienced attorneys. I will personally meet with you to discuss your case. Phone appointments and hospital visits are also available for your convenience. I want you to focus on getting well. I will focus on protecting your rights, with a special emphasis on dealing with insurance companies.